SPC Foundation

St Patrick’s College Ballarat has grown into one of Victoria’s significant Catholic boys’ secondary schools for day and boarding students.

In the process, generations of young men have achieved personal success within a Christian culture and in the spirit of Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers, who believed that all boys who desired it should have the opportunity to receive a first class education.

In 1990, the College Board established the St Patrick’s Foundation, which became an Incorporated Company in August, 1992, after realising that the College must be proactive in continuing to expand the programs and facilities available to students.

The Foundation is non-profit, and seeks to marshall the experience and financial support of former students, past and present parents and friends of the school. The operation of the Foundation is designed to provide both short and long-term funds on a continuing basis for the College, to allow for greater expansion and continued development, as well as provide assistance to those families who may sometimes struggle financially to meet all the costs of quality schooling.

The College continues to work closely with the marginalised in the community and offers fee relief to approximately 10% of the student population. It also supports members of our Indigenous community and others experiencing temporary and ongoing hardship.

To continue this good works the College needs to attract and invest endowed funds that can be used to finance scholarships and bursaries.

All donations to Foundation are tax deductible and you can be assured that your generous support will be used to serve the needs of current and future generations of young men who wear the green, white and blue.

The Aims of the Foundation

The Foundation aims to assist the College Board to maintain and to develop the services, property and facilities of the College. This will be done in many ways which include;

– Inviting parents, past students and friends to become members of the Foundation so as to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of St Patrick’s.

– Attracting cash donations and gifts which may take a variety of forms including bequests to suit the convenience of donors.

– Providing financial assistance for a variety of educational purposes.

– Managing efficiently and effectively all funds entrusted to it. All donations are tax deductible. To carry out the above and to bridge the gap between fees and government grants, it is obvious the Foundation needs both money and people.

The Goals of the Foundation

The long term goal is to raise the funds through membership donations to a level where the Foundation is able to build a large capital base. The income raised will be used to significantly assist in major building projects, upgrading of facilities on a regular basis and for a variety of educational purposes to help people. There is no upper limit to the funds the Foundation can generate.

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