St Patrick’s College is proudly a school for boys. It is central to our being, part of our DNA and provides boys with an education that is engaging, connected and challenging. In a boys’ education environment young men can take risks, display leadership and develop friendships that will last a life time. Whilst it is important that all  students find a school that best suits their individual needs, the single sex environment encourages boys to display leadership, focus on their studies and contribute fully to the life of the College – ‘At SPC, if the boys don’t do it, it doesn’t happen’.

The adolescent years can be difficult and challenging for boys and their families. Staff at St Patrick’s College are specialists in the education of boys and recognise that boys have different learning needs and styles and have developed programs and initiatives in line with world’s best practice for boys’ education that will maximise learning outcomes for boys. The academic performance of boys in Year 12 examinations and the ability of boys to access traineeships and apprenticeships highlights the depth and breadth of a St Patrick’s education and develops skills that will enable boys to excel in a rapidly changing world.

These learnings take place in a caring and supportive environment where boys develop spiritually, academically, physically, socially whilst being engaged and having fun – and lots of it! The social development of boys is facilitated by a range of co-curricular programs with girls from Loreto College.

The College is a member of the International Coalition of Boys’ Schools and provides a range of subjects and co-curricular experiences specifically designed for boys. The camaraderie of a supportive and nurturing all boys school is something that will enable all boys to develop deep friendships that they can take with them and enjoy for life.

The College has three distinct schools: Junior, Middle and Senior, enhancing student learning and encouraging continual pursuit of excellence.

Senior School – Years 11-12
The Senior School permits students to study at the level that best reflects their current stage of learning. Our learning structures and highly skilled and committed teachers embrace new technologies and teaching methods to maximise individual development and plant the seeds for students to become life-long learners.


Middle School – Year 9-10
Middle School provides students with innovative curriculum experiences compatible with the challenges of adolescence and fostering life-long learning skills.


Junior School – Years 7 & 8
The Junior School program is delivered within a caring and supportive environment that ensures all boys make a happy and productive transition to secondary education.